It is your responsibility as a player to follow these rules. They are updated often, so make sure to stay up to date!

If you believe we are missing a rule, let us know on the forums!


Breaking a major rule may result in a perm ban or blacklist.

1. Do not cheat.

2. Do not endorse, encourage, or assist cheaters.

3. Do not disrespect staff.

4. Do not lie to staff.

5. Do not DDoS, make DDoS threats, or engage in DDoS comedy.

6. Do not violate the privacy of others.

7. Do not share accounts.

8. Do not doxx, make doxxing threats, or engage in doxxing comedy.

9. Do not spoil movies, shows, etc.


1. Do not share accounts.

2. Do not be racist. You will be punished for this.

3. Do not use a VPN.

4. Do not exploit bugs or glitches.

5. Do not advertise other servers.

6. Do not post links to screamers, shock sites, or sites containing pornographic content.

7. Do not suicide/self-harm jokes or provoke suicide/self-harm.

8. Do not use an objectionable Minecraft username. If your username is perceived as harmful, hateful, racist, obscene, or otherwise objectionable, you will be banned until your name is changed, or permanently, at our discretion.

9. Do not Hackusate. If you think somebody is cheating, use /report.

10. Do not evade a ban or a mute. Doing this will result in a blacklist. To appeal a ban/mute, join our discord.

11. Do not play with players who are ban evading. If you are caught, you too will be banned.

12. Don't grief or excessively harass famous players. Doing this will result in a warning, followed by a ban.

13. Do not stream-snipe, harass, excessively follow, or excessively trap famous players for unreasonable periods of time. Doing this will result in a warning, followed by a ban.

14. Keep forum posts on topic & follow all ingame chat rules on the forums. Anything related to other servers (recruitment posts, videos, etc) should be posted on their website, not ours.

15. Don't be an asshole. If you are one, you will be removed from the network; use common sense.

16. Solicitation is not allowed. Selling of accounts or specific services in chat isn't allowed.


1. Do not attempt to avoid force invites. Any player or faction who attempts to fine a loophole in the force invite rule will be removed from the network. This includes but is not limited to: using an alternate account in order to not use a force invite, disband a faction and reclaim in order for force invites to reset, make a second faction in order to have full force invites, ally with members who cannot join the faction because they have been cycled, etc.

2. Do not ally. Allying is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: letting players in your base in order to save them from another faction, fighting with anyone who is not in your faction. This is a simple rule, and anyone who tries to find loopholes in it will be banned. 

3. Insiding your faction is not allowed. This includes taking items, making your faction raidable on purpose, or anything inbetween. If you want to leave your faction peacefully you may do so by asking your faction leader to take the items you worked for. Please contact an admin if you're not sure your actions are considered insiding.

4. Do not excessively grief. Excessivley griefing a faction will result in a ban and the faction who was griefed will have it removed. In other words, you will waste your time and get yourself banned.

5. Do not portal trap. Trapping nether portals will result in a ban.

6. Do not altUsing an alternate account is not permitted under any circumstances unless approved by a head staff member.

7. Do not block glitch. Block glitching will result in a ban. This is includes but is not limited to: pearling through a block unlegitimatley, hitting players through blocks, using minecarts by breaking blocks in another factions claim.

8. Do not DTR evade. Kicking a player or leaving a faction to avoid DTR loss is not permitted. The nature of the death that would have occurred is irrelevant. It does not matter if the player who is kicked (or leaves) was tagged, in lava, in combat, etc. Kicking or leaving to avoid DTR loss in any circumstance is not permitted. You may not leave your faction to knock, jump in string traps, or any other reasonably-risky activity that would otherwise result in DTR loss.

9. Do not have objectional faction names. If a faction name is perceived as harmful, hateful, racist, obscene, or otherwise objectionable, your team name will be forcibly changed and the leader will receive a punishment.

10. Do not keep players hostage. Purposley doing this will result in a warning, followed by a ban.

11. Do not truce during the EOTW FFA. 

Specifically Allowed:

1. Killing your faction if you get kicked and given no warnings to leave the base.

2. Drowning players in traps.

3. Killing /f ally members (when applicable).

4. Using blocks to suffocate logged out players.

5. "Griefing" for the sole purpose of destroying a string trap to escape the trap.


1. Do not camp. Once the border is 100x100, you are not allowed to camp. If the host or a mod asks you to fight, then you must fight. This includes sky basing within 100x100

2. Do not portal trap. Trapping a nether portal will result in a ban. Camping a portal is allowed.

3. Do not excessively stalk players. Excessively stalking players will result in a ban. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Breaking a player’s crafting table, furnace, enchantment table, or anvil.
  • Preventing a player from mining, breaking blocks, or placing blocks 
  • Constantly stealing items from a player.

4. Do not iPvP. iPvP is killing a player before pvp is enabled. Doing this will result in a ban.

5. Do not intentionally feed/sacrifice. If you play for the sole purpose of getting materials then purposely dying to give your items to another player, you will be punished. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Giving players coords for them to go kill you, Purposely losing a fight just to give the other player your loot, Suiciding and giving the player your coords, etc.
  • Keep in mind: Famous youtubers have fans who will want to give their favorite youtuber their items or not want to fight them. This isn’t always the case, but when it is, it cannot be prevented. However, if a famous player does any of the above, they will also be punished.

6. Do not spoil. Do not spoil another player’s location in public chat. Doing this will result in a mute.

7. Do not ally. If you ally during an FFA, all members will be temporarily banned. This includes allying with more than the allowed amount players per team when you cross team.

8. Do not make lava monsters/grief the server. If you are purposely trying to make the server lag, you will be banned.

9. Do not interrupt assigned fights. Always follow the Host's rules when it comes to assigned fights. Do not try to find loopholes in these rules. Cleaning, loot stealing, or interrupting assigned fights can result in a ban at the Host's discretion.

9. Do not use an alternate account to play the game after you already died. Using an alternate account to continue playing the game after you already died is not allowed.


    1. Do not manipulate your elo. "Elo Manipulation" is doing anything out of the ordinary to gain or lose elo. This includes but it not limited to giving your account for a friend to boost it, go on an alt and boost it, or purposley dying to drop elo.

    2. Do not have multiple accounts on the leaderboards. Using an alternate account on Practice (as long as you are not ban evading) is allowed. However, you may not have multiple accounts on the leaderboards. Doing this will result in an elo reset on ALL accounts that are on the leaderboards and possibly a tempban.

    3. Do not camp. Camping/excessively running will result in a warning, followed by a kick. If you continue to do this after a warning plus a kick, you will be banned.

    4. Do not exploit any bugs. If you find any bugs on Practice, please make sure to report to staff.

    5. Do not be an idiot in voice chat. This is self-explainatory. Being toxic, racist, loud, etc in the team voice chat will result in a ban.


    1. Do not grief. Griefing your team will result in a ban. There will not be a warning prior.

    2. Do not feed. Purposley leaving your team's claim in order to die will result in a ban. 

    3. Do not betray your team. Betraying your team will result in a ban.

    4. Do not constantly leave mid-game. Repeatedly leaving competitve games will result in a temporary restriction placed on your account that disallows you from playing competitive minigames.

    5. Do not be an idiot in voice chat. This is self-explainatory. Being toxic, racist, loud, etc in the team voice chat will result in a ban.